Complete Bathtub Refinishing & Restoration

Bathtub refinishing is not a "do-it-yourself" project. It does not matter how much experience in other fields that you have. There is nothing to compare to Boston Bathtub Resurfacing's professional quality bathtub restoration. With us, you'll receive the right preparation, ventilation, quality of product, and an experienced technician to do all of the work. Contact us in Boston, Massachusetts, today to request our services.

FREE Caulking with Phenoseal!

At Boston Bathtub Refinishing we strive to save our customers money with every service that we provide. To accomplish this simple task I caulk every tub and the caulking is included in the price. Through the process of removing old caulking and replacing it with an anti-mildew caulking called Phenoseal, we ensure that your caulking will remain clean and last the life of your tub. Call us today at (617) 288-2555 for more information about our Phenoseal caulking process.
Sink - bathtub refinishing in Marshfield, MA
bathtub close up - bathtub refinishing in Marshfield, MA


Often whole neighborhoods or apartment buildings will need their bathtubs resurfaced because of the types of cleaners that they used in the 60's and 70's. A lot of bathtubs also get resurfaced because the color is outdated.

  • The new finish is hard, shiny and easy to clean.
  • It is as close as you can get to the factory finish where they bake it on at 2200 degrees.
  • Most tubs are done in white to match the sink and the toilet. Color can be brought in with towels and a shower curtain.
  • Our work should be done after all the other work is done, to keep dust to a minimum.
  • Like a new tub, this can be chipped if something like a hammer is dropped in it.
  • If there is a drain cover, it will be removed and left behind the toilet.
  • Payment is by cash or check.
  • Lead will leak from all tubs except a resurfaced tub.
  • Replace your old toilet with a water saving toilet then add a new sink or vanity. Resurface the bathtub, and you have an updated bathroom for around $1000!


Typical projects and services include:
  • Resurfacing Porcelain Bathtubs (Cast Iron & Stamped Steel)
  • Bathroom Sinks (including Pedestal Sinks)
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Claw Foot Bathtubs (Inside & Out)
  • Expert Stripping & Paint Removal
  • Fiberglass Resurfacing

Avoid Using a Liner

The owner of Boston Bathtub Resurfacing is trained and certified to install liners. However, he does not recommend liners because the cost is too expensive for the result that you get. Staining and losing the seal around the drains are common complaints. In time the silicone caulking that is used will lose its anti-mildew properties and end up turning black from mold and mildew.
Bathtub - Bathtub Refinishing in Marshfield, MA

Materials We Use

Although there are other ways to resurface or reglaze. This is not a paint or an epoxy...a paint or an epoxy will fade or peel within a year! We only use the highest quality products such as synthetic porcelain that contains microglass or glass particles. This gives the finished product the much needed strength, shine and durability.

Additionally, we need to charge an extr 75.00 to remove and prepare these previously resurfaced tubs that ultimately failed. Half of our work is fixing or redoing previously failed projects!