Helpful Information Regarding Lead Poisoning

New source of lead poisoning Identified! (Reprinted from the June 1995 Issue of the Refinisher's News)
NARA-Lead Poisoning Article Reprint

Each day, children bathe in it, play in it, and are washed carefully in it. Yet according to a special report on April 19, 1995 edition of Good Morning America, porcelain bathtubs are one of the America's most unexpected sources of lead exposure for children by the Centers of Disease Control.

A survey of more than 750 bathtubs and it was found that, overall, 62% of all porcelain tubs tested positive with Lead Check Swabs. Specifically, 77% of the cast iron tubs and 25% of the steel tubs tested positive.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 57 million U.S. homes have dangerously high lead levels.
Room Bathtub - Bathtub Resurfacing in Marshfield, MA
Room Bathtub - Bathtub Resurfacing in Marshfield, MA
Solution To The Lead Problem "Have Your Bathtub Resurfaced."
If you have questions about lead poisoning and abatement, call the Hybri Vet Lead Check Hotline, 1-800-262-lead, or go to the Hybri Vet Systems, Inc., or E-mail the North American Refinisher's Association at For complete details on how Bathtub Resurfacing can satisfy you're immediate needs and save money, call the bathroom and kitchen resurfacing specialists...Boston Bathtub Resurfacing.
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The material that we use is of the finest quality, and is not a paint or epoxy. This is a permanently bonded coating that is extremely hard, glossy, and durable. It contains glass particles or micro glass and offers tough chemical resistance.

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